Enhance your healing Naturally!
with PRGF

What is PRGF? PRGF also known as Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. It is a technique used to regenerate bone and soft tissue using a small amount of your own blood. PRGF stimulates tissue regeneration, promotes angiogenesis (development of blood supply), stimulates cell migration, increases proliferation, and stimulates secretion of growth factors.


Latest PRGF technology separates certain plasma proteins from your blood which are used to stimulate healing, foster new bone synthesis and repair the soft tissue at surgical sites. The process is safe and effective because it uses your own resources to speed healing. By using your own tissue eliminates the risk of rejections and disease transmission.

Is PRGF safe?

Yes, PRGF is safe. During the procedure a very small amount of your own blood is drawn via IV. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge and spun down to separate the PRGF from the other contents of your blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.).

The Advantages of PRGF

Safe: It is derived from the patient’s own blood. So disease transmission is not an issue.
Convenient: PRGF is easily generated in our clinic and can be done while the patient is undergoing another procedure, such as placement of dental implants.
It helps with Faster Healing: By grafting the wound with PRGF, the patient experiences faster healing time and tissue regeneration.
Cost Effective: Since we are equipped to generate PRGF in the clinic itself with the patient’s own blood, the patient need not go to a hospital or at a blood bank.
Easy to Use: PRGF is easy to handle and makes applying bone substitute materials and bone grafting products easier to manipulate.

What are the uses of PRGF?

  • Bone grafting for dental implants
  • For accelerating the rate of healing post surgery
  • Grafting for sinus lift procedures
  • Ridge augmentation procedures
  • Repair of bone defects during Oral Surgery created due to infected teeth or cysts or periapical infections of tooth root
  • Repair of fistulas between the sinus cavity and mouth
  • For rapid healing after tooth extraction

Any precautions while undergoing PRGF?

Few precautions to be taken: Patients with bleeding disorders or hematologic diseases, Like: haemophilia, thalassemia etc., may not qualify for this in-office procedure. Check with your Dental Surgeon and/or primary care physician to determine if PRGF is right for you. Also, please discuss with your doctor if you are on any prescription medicine on a regular basis.