Fiber-Splint consists of woven fiber glass strands packaged in a tape form, which is cut with serrated scissors to the desired length. It has a very long, almost indefinite shelf life. Fiber-Splint is used on the tooth surface after acid etching the enamel, then soaking the Fiber-Splint in bonding agent and light curing it on the tooth. Thereafter it is coated with dental composite resin. This results in physical properties which are superior to dental resins alone. Being translucent, Fiber-Splint is very esthetic, almost invisible. It is also the most economical, metal free alternative when it is used for incisor replacement.


  • It allows the patients to chew comfortably.
  • Mobile teeth become firm. Therefore, allowing the patient to maintain better hygiene. Patient can use regular brush, interdental brush etc. without the fear of knocking down teeth.
  • As splinting is done in conjunction with other periodontal therapy, such as scaling/curettage/root planning/flap surgery etc, it also is an adjunct to preservation of soft and hard tissues.
  • Enhances patient’s self-confidence.


Using Fiber-Splint for splinting, we can stabilize mobile anterior teeth quickly, with long term reliability. It grants high esthetic results and enhances patient's self confidence.

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