Hare Krsna Prabhu,

I’m fine, no pain at all. I’m so impressed by the thorough and better than first class treatment. Every part of the procedure was done so carefully and to such a high standard. Your nephew is also a fantastic doctor. Thank you for taking so much time and trouble to fit in so many treatments in one session. And for rescheduling local patients. Above and beyond the call of duty. Actually I feel guilty for taking so much of your time. I hope I haven’t worn out my welcome! Anyway, thank you again for taking such nice care of me. I wish you all the best! - Bada Haridas (World famous ISKCON Musician & multi-instrumentalist)

Last summer I decided to travel to India to get dental implants. My U.S. dentist, a very skilled Georgetown University graduate, had tried every way to save and fix bridge after bridge but had with good reason warned me that such solutions were only temporary, considering that bridges are subject to constant pressure and are bound to fail. A permanent solution, he said, would be to get implants. As is well-known, getting Dental Implants in the U.S. almost requires getting a second mortgage. I decided to look elsewhere, but elsewhere is vast and uncertain, filled with "sure, we can fix it" charlatans and other "holy water" practitioners. Furthermore, while "elsewhere" is unknown territory, unknown practices, and a lot of uncertainty, it also may lead to gems, such as Dr. Mahesh Chauhan. I am not easily wowed and I do not throw praise around easily but when I say that Dr. Chauhan is a gem of a dental surgeon, Not only does he reply to his emails, his assessments are conservative and careful and his advice is sound and plentiful. He is not prone to excitement, that's for sure. No "great", no "amazing" with him; just plenty of humility and modesty and fantastic results at extremely affordable rates. Now, close to year after I got five implants, I can testify with much appreciation and gratitude to the expert level of work Dr. Mahesh Chauhan has performed. Upon my return from India last January, I went to visit my dentist in Bethesda, MD, to show him the work done by Dr. Chauhan. His reaction was "Wow, this is wonderful cosmetic and engineering work." And I have to say, I fully agree with him.

A million thanks to Dr. Chauhan. Kamal Karachi, United States

Dr. Mahesh Chauhan provided me with the highest quality dental services I have experienced. I am more than 100% happy with Dr. Chauhan 's kindness, great character and services at his very wonderful Mother Dental Implant Clinic.

I wish Dr. Chauhan and his excellent staff all the best ! Rambhadra Das, New York

I was very delighted to have been directed to Mother Dental Implant Clinic. I was in a dire need to have crown fitted.

I have been very impressed with Dr. Chauhan's work – very thorough and gentle.

I got 1 crown fitted + 3 fillings done, and I will be definitely back! AwenGeluk (Canadian)

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Dr. Mahesh Chauhan to any + all who seek expert dental work. My experience has been the most pleasant, as the good doctor put me at completely at ease with his gentlemanly ways and friendly conversation, while doing a highly professional job on my teeth. VegovatiDasi

I thought Dr. Mahesh's treatment was simply excellent in every way.

Very careful analysis, considerate dealing with the patient, very accurate treatment; as a patient I feel myself competently and deftly treated + could relax, trustfully which is not easy dentist's chair.

Thank You! Irene Roelen

Dr. Chauhan is a rare personality… a combination of professionalism at its best and he has a genuine personal touch with his patients. Many devotees from Vrindavana can attest to his kindness and consideration he extends to all of us and we consider ourselves fortunate to have such a dentist. Yasodamayidevidasi